Goodbye City

0104I have been an avid reader of Cupcakes and Cashmere for many years and it was a big influence on me delving into the crazy world of blogging. About a month ago she posted Reflections in Rentals and it left me inspired.

I moved to Chicago from Michigan almost 7 years ago (more on that here) and have lived in 3 different apartments. The first was a charming 2 bedroom in the heart of Lakeview that I shared with my best friend. The second was the first place that I ever lived alone until my boyfriend and now husband moved into 6 months later. And the third is our current home. It is a place that I love oh so very much and will have a difficult time parting with.

This is where we lived when my husband proposed. It’s where we have spent many a summer nights drinking wine on our front deck with our neighbors who have become our closest friends. It’s where we can be from our front door to bustling downtown Chicago in 10 minutes flat. It’s where we came home to the day after we were married. It’s where our dogs sit on the windowsill for hours and look out into the world. It’s my husband’s and mine first real home. Although it was a rental it always felt like ours.

Why do I write all this? Well, we closed on our first home yesterday! And while it is incredibly exciting to have a place to call all ours it’s very bittersweet. We will be moving out of the city to the suburbs to start a new chapter and I can’t wait to make our house into a home filled with wonderful new memories!

0110113DSC_60160102DSC_4943DSC_6718Our new home:)Chelsea

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